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Help Agency

Missonary David Houck

The Help Agency has been serving those in rural poverty since 1993. Between handing out groceries through their food banks and serving meals at feeding sites, they are now currently reaching more than 7,500 people every month.

More than twenty years ago the Help Agency received their first donation from the local Winn-Dixie in the Ocala National Forest in the form of a $25 gift-certificate to help fill their empty shelves.

Many of their clients live without electricity and running water and so they have recognized that the need goes beyond the everyday food handout with compassion and love.

The Help Agency also provides financial help along with education, mentoring, teen pregnancy prevention and opportunities to a better future. Since that first day when they were able to start giving back to the community, the Help Agency has developed different programs and avenues to help those in need.

help agency programs

SoZo Kids, a sponsorship program that provides the necessary means in helping each child receive FREE food, supplies and access to ALL of our programs and services to help them through their level of poverty. Turning Point Mentor Centers, an after school and summer program to help children with their education. Camp SoZo, a place where the children of the Ocala National Forest can “get away” from the poverty stress home-life and just have fun being a kid. The Filling Station, a self-service restaurant where students can come and gain a good work ethic to build the best career path possible. The Help Agency believes that if  the same people that are being fed and helped can become better educated for a better tomorrow and be given the opportunity for a better tomorrow, then they will have a better tomorrow and will no longer have need of being served but now become the servers to help put an end to abject rural poverty.