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The Purpose

of Girls Ministries

We are committed to discipling and raising up a generation of girls who know God and who know that their identity is in Christ. We do this through small group meetings, and events designed to minister to the needs of girls. We desire to be Titus 2 women, nurturing those who come behind us, and in so doing, those we nurture will also nurture those behind them.

Through small groups for girls, we can minister to the deep needs of each girl. We can offer a time and safe place for girls to open up and share things they are going through, experiencing, or have questions about and give Godly wisdom and guidance. This is so vital to growing godly young women! We have so many resources available to us that can aid us in doing this. We can use the Girls Ministries curriculum offered to us along with other great resources provided by various authors and publishers.

We work in cooperation with Children’s and Youth Pastors to see girls discipled and build mentoring relationships through small groups for girls. We are here to help girls dig deep into the Word of God, experience freedom in Jesus Christ, see them filled with the Holy Spirit and walking in a love relationship with Christ and ultimately fulfill their destiny!  

This is our heartbeat, to impact the girls of this generation with the Love of Jesus, the truth in God’s Word, the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and then see them impact their world for Him!

What We Do


We host various events throughout the year so that you, your ladies and girls can encounter the Presence of God! Our events are designed to equip, encourage, and empower  in the Holy Spirit and Word of God!

Leadership Training

We provide a variety of trainings to help your GM leaders be effective at ministering to the girls in your church and community. These trainings give your ladies the confidence to be enthusiastic leaders and provides the tools to help them disciple girls. 


We support a variety of different missions and whole heartedly believe in teaching our girls to give beyond themselves to help others! We want to see girls develop a heart of compassion for the lost and broken. 


Our curriculum is designed to help girls grow deep in their knowledge of the Word and to strengthen their relationship with God. It covers a variety of relevant topics and can be used in your church in various ways disciple girls.

We are strong.We are beautiful. We are God’s masterpiece. We are Girls Ministries.




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Our Mission & Approach

WOMEN IN GIRLS MINISTRIES: We are women passionately pursing Jesus inviting this generation of girls to come along beside us! We love to study the Word, engage in worship, developing intimacy with the Holy Spirit! We want to share testimonies, life experiences, and Godly wisdom with the girls in this generation. We do this through small groups for girls, events and developing relationships with them! We want girls to experience salvation through Jesus Christ, freedom through all He did on the Cross and see them empowered through relationship with Holy Spirit! We know as they grow in relationship with Jesus we will see them impact their families and the world around them!

GIRLS IN GIRLS MINISTRIES: We are girls passionately pursuing Jesus! Growing in the knowledge of who Jesus is and who God has made us to be through digging deeper into the Word and building relationship with Holy Spirit! We love building relationships with Godly women and learning from their lives and experiences!


Do we need to start with every club?

No. Start with clubs that match your kids’ ages.

  • Sunlight Kids: Nursery boys and girls
  • Rainbows: Preschool boys and girls
  • Daisies: Kindergarten girls
  • Prims: 1st– and 2nd-grade girls
  • Stars: 3rd– through 5th-grade girls
  • Friends: 6th– through 8th-grade girls
  • Girls Only: High school girls

Tip: If your total number of girls is fairly small, bring them together for activities, crafts, and games. We can help you plan similar units for various clubs. 

Can start Girls Ministries effectively if we only have a few girls in each age group?

Yes. If you need to, just combine the clubs to fit the needs of your church and girls. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

2 Groups: Mpact Clubs combined & Teen Girl Ministries Clubs combined

3 Groups: Rainbows & Daisies, Prims & Stars, Friends & Girls Only

4 Groups: Rainbows, Daisies & Prims, Stars & Friends, Girls Only

Tip: We also provide the Together Plan for churches with a limited staff. We have combined Girls Ministries and Royal Rangers based on age-level clubs/outposts, breaking out for gender-specific mentoring opportunities. This plan is designed for small churches that need a combined ministry for staffing reasons but with the eventual goal of progressing toward independently operating ministries for boys and girls.

How can we integrate Teen Girl Ministries clubs with youth?

Remember that your girls belong to God & our aim should be to partner with parents, youth ministry, & other ministries that affect your girls to create well-rounded girls who are discipled, growing, & committed to Christ. Keep these things in mind as you work with others in your church to reach your girls.

Communicate: Keep your youth pastor in the loop about girls clubs activities.

Coordinate: Keep youth event dates in mind when planning your calendar.

Cooperate: Remember you’re on the same team & working toward the same goal. Volunteer to help with youth events or consider using the girls group as a small group for your youth ministry.

As you work together, partner, share resources, & encourage one another, the girls in your community will benefit from your teamwork.

What resources do I need to start Girls Ministries?

For a free, current Girls Ministries catalog, call My Healthy Church at 1-855.642.2011.

Visit the online store for easy access to all of our official Girls Clubs products

Due to the flexibility of the Girls Ministries Curriculum, what you need to purchase will differ. View the Girls Ministries Annual Cost per Child options and pick what best suits your needs. Here is a list of suggestions:

Every coordinator will need:

Every sponsor will need:

Suggested training:

  • Leader Training Guide (Disponible en Español) English Item #02-0497, Spanish Item #02-0498
  • Momentum Leadership Development Units – Education: Bronze Level – Created to help teachers sharpen their skills and become more effective in the classroom. Unit topics include children with special needs or disabilities, the dynamics of mentoring, and understanding learning styles English Item #02-4103Spanish Item #02-1498
  • Momentum Leadership Development Units – Community: Silver Level – Offers continued training centered on societal factors that affect the church today. Units include: blending the generations, the world in your clubroom, community outreach. English Item #02-4104
  • Momentum Leadership Development Units – Personal Growth: Gold Level – This training focuses on personal and interpersonal relationships as well as the worldviews that influence us and those around us. Units include: managing conflict, living graciously, building a biblical worldview. English Item #02-1484

Every girl will need:

  • the appropriate club-level Activity Book or Journal

Every visitor can receive:

  • Unit Activity Page or Journal Pages

Evaluate your club’s needs and order uniforms, posters, and other Girls Clubs supplies as desired.

If you are choosing to use the curriculum solely for the discipleship components, you can get started with just the individual Sponsor Guides.


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