mpact kids clubs 

nursery and preschool

sunlight kids: nursery

Sunlight Kids takes your nursery from simply babysitting to intentionally teaching Bible truth to young children. Developed by early childhood experts, Sunlight Kids uses a proven approach children understand. 

rainbows: preschool ages 3—5

Rainbows launches little hearts into the exciting journey of discovering God and His great love. Noah’s Ark provides an exciting theme for the Bible stories, crafts, full-color activity pages, and games for this preschool club.

mpact girls clubs 


daisies: kindergarten

Girls lay a foundation for godly character with lessons on everything from believing to giving, and obeying to trusting. Characters woven throughout the curriculum make life application from the Bible stories and principles they learn.

prims: 1st—2nd grade

In this curriculum, girls learn biblical principles and object lessons during the lessons that make learning even more fun! Curriculum topics include: The Bible, Church, Community, Family, Kindness, etc.

stars: 3rd—5th grade

Girls complete units on basic Christian doctrine, missions, activities, and character development. Memorization, projects, and Bible reading are all a part of the club’s options. Curriculum topics include: Fruit of the Spirit, Making the Right Choices, Personal Evangelism, etc.

teen girl ministries 

Middle And High School

friends: middle school

Discussion-oriented lessons help girls make godly decisions about issues they face. Plus, the incorporated Bible reading teaches girls to search God’s Word for answers to life questions. Awards (a necklace and unit charms) are available for those choosing to follow the achievement program.

*Examples of curriculum topics include: Accountability, Choices, Resolving Conflict, The Sanctity of Life, Self-Discipline, Self-Esteem, Taming the Tongue, etc.

girls only: high school

This small group program offers girls a safe place to share their struggles, fears, and hopes with other girls. Girls Only can meet weekly, monthly, or anytime in between. Studies deal with gritty, real-life issues, so that girls are armed with God’s truth as they face the world head-on. Girls may follow an achievement program if interested.

*Examples of curriculum topics include: Addiction, Attitude, Finance, Managing Stress, Standing Firm, Truth, Witnessing, etc.

achievement or non-achievement?

Traditionally, Girls Ministries curriculum features an achievement-based system, where girls work toward goals and receive recognition when they’ve completed them. We also offer a non-achievement system that serves solely as a discipleship and mentoring program.


A Non-Achievement program doesn’t follow any standardized requirement but focuses more on discipleship and spending time with the girls as a group.  If your girls aren’t interested in earning awards or don’t have time to work the requirements into their schedule, non-achievement could be the right choice for your group. You’ll still get the same discussion and biblical base for a woman-to-girl mentoring program, as well as the chance to speak into the girls’ lives.

Features of the Non-Achievement program:

  • You can tailor your own requirements to the curriculum.
  • Fewer time pressures to complete a required number of units.
  • Girls can work at their own pace rather than staying within the standard timeframe for each club.
  • Girls are not required to complete unit projects or pass a review.

An Achievement program has standards and requirements that girls work to complete in order to earn badges and awards. These awards offer a great incentive for completing a program and a sense of accomplishment upon completion. Awards are a means of encouraging girls to hide God’s Word in their hearts. Achievement programs in a club setting provide a sense of belonging as girls work together. It is important to remember that badges and awards are a means, not an end. Helps the girls gain a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

Features of the Achievement program:

  • Participating in local and district recognition events helps girls feel a part of a larger community of clubs.
  • Provides symbols to accompany the knowledge they have gained through awards.
  • Girls take part in a guided trackable charted out program that helps them with reading and learning the Scriptures..
  • All they are required to learn will enrich their faith and serve as tools as they grow older.

format options

There are a variety of options when it comes to format. You can also consider more than one format. For example, if you decide to meet as a small group, you can work in one unit or more as a weekend retreat in order to delve into that topic more.

Consider the following formats below in addition to the traditional midweek service option. These are just a few options:

small groups

Allows for study of focused topics. Delve into one topic, related topics, or treat the group like a traditional club going through each unit’s subtopics.

sunday school

A setting which allows study and optional achievement. Can work well when midweek options are not possible.

youth ministry

A guide to open discussion and scriptural insight. Treat the activity page or journal work as optional.

after-school program

Practical and applicable to unchurched girls, or girls whose schedules work best after school.

home school co-op

Provides an opportunity to teach character–building and explore Christian education. This also allows home-schooled girls to enjoy time with other girls that girls in private or public school receive.

weekend retreats

Allows leaders to delve into specific topics and to invite guest speakers, add fun features, and engage in discussion breakout groups.

1 on 1 mentoring

An established and defined discussion guide to open doors for mentoring and training.