leadership trainings

leadership trainings

We would love to come and meet with you and your ladies! We provide various trainings to help your Girls Ministries groups be effective at ministering to the girls in your church and community. Submit form below for additional details and/or to schedule a training. We would love to come and share the passion of Girls Ministries with you and your team! We want you encouraged, equipped and empowered to minister!

Everything you need to know to effectively run the clubs – details on all club levels, uniforms, and awards; tips for being an effective leader; customizing the club format to your church’s needs; and steps to starting Mpact Kids, Mpact Girls, and Teen Girl clubs. This course is recommended for all club leaders and coordinators.

Training Guide available in English and Spanish

MOMENTUM TRAINING SERIES: Sticky Lessons: Learning that Lasts

Transform your class into one where students are more than eager to answer that question! With this Momentum Training, you’ll get simple tips you need to become the teacher whose lesson sticks in kids’ memories, is thought about over and over again in quiet moments, and gets discussed at kitchen tables.

Build confidence in your teaching skills when you explore:

  • Simple tools that get and keep kids engaged, including easy-to-follow action steps.
  • Detailed comparisons between learning styles and how they affect students in a classroom environment.
  • How to implement “Differentiated instruction,” and incorporate multiple learning styles into each lesson.

Training Guide available in English and Spanish

MOMENTUM TRAINING SERIES: Including Children with Disabilities

Whether you already have children with special needs in your church, or you just want to be better prepared, Including Children with Disabilities will help you understand common disabilities and equip you with the practical tools and information you need to effectively teach them.

Gain more confidence in your ministry skills when you explore:

  • Distinctives of children with developmental and intellectual disabilities, with a special emphasis on students with autism.
  • Proven teaching strategies, including how to modify learning activities, scheduling, memorization, and more.
  • Practical tips on how to connect with parents and help students develop friendships with others in your group.

Training Guide available in English and Spanish

MOMENTUM TRAINING SERIES: Leaving a Spiritual Legacy

Coming Soon – To be Released by National Office

Training Guide available in English and Spanish

Hands-on Training and Workshops

  • How to use Curriculum and Bringing it to life
  • Coordinator Workshop – Equipping you to build and lead your team well


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