what is chartering?

Chartering is the annual process by which Girls Ministries groups register their membership with the district. Groups that are chartered enjoy a variety of benefits (see details below). 

benefits of chartering

Chartering is a great way to connect with our Pen Florida District! In chartering you:

  • help support Girls Ministries
  • are included in our email list
  • get a discount on Powette
  • allow us to know you are running Girls Ministries so we can pray for you
  • helps when we receive inquires from parents looking for a church that has Girls Ministries — we can recommend your church to them

We appreciate your support for GM and are here for you!

how do I charter?


  1. Fill out online form and pay


  1. Download Form and fill out completely
  2. Mail in form with Check to:

PFDC – Girls Ministries Department
PO Box 24687
Lakeland, FL 33802-4687


Chartering is renewed annually. Renew by January 31, 2020

COST: $20/club

what now?
  1. Send bi-annual reports the Pen Florida District Girls Ministries Department along with an offering. (This helps support the ministry and enables us to continue to reach out, minister and hold events).
  2. Notify the Pen Florida District Girls Ministries Department when there: (a) is a change in Girls Ministries Coordinator (b) are address changes
  3. Support District Missions Projects